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Cosmetic Dentistry

For a smile that lights up every room you enter.

Confidence is often listed as one of the most attractive traits a person can possess, but what fills a person with confidence? Having a healthy mouth is certainly on the list; it can make for easy, breezy dental appointments and keep you from experiencing any oral pain that makes eating and speaking difficult… but what if smiling itself carries difficulty? If sharing your smile is something that makes you feel anxious, you might already know about treatments that could improve your confidence. If you haven’t pursued them because you feel they’re out of reach, we’d love to show you what’s possible. Serving patients from Washington NJ, Philipsburg, Clinton, Belidere, and Hackettstown.


Veneers have been around for decades now, and despite their beginnings as a temporary procedure to make celebrity smiles stunning on film, today they’re offered in dental offices worldwide.

They’re a treatment option that can address multiple smile concerns in one procedure, such as deep stains, teeth of different shapes and sizes, gaps, and chips.

We place Lumineers, which are ultra-thin, highly-translucent sheets of porcelain that more closely resemble natural teeth and require minimal (or no) preparation—this also makes them reversible.

Teeth Whitening

With the number of products available in nearly every grocery store around that claim to be whitening, it’s probably not surprising to hear that patients all over desire whiter teeth.

There are washes, pastes, strips, and trends like oil pulling that people try hoping for results, but for the most dramatic difference, your best bet will be professional whitening treatments.

We offer in-office and take-home whitening treatments that can brighten your smile while minimizing sensitivity that’s often associated with stain lifting. Your smile could be several shades lighter!

Isn’t it time to treat yourself?

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Cosmetic bonding is a quick, painless procedure that requires very minimal preparation, if any! It can address the same smile concerns veneers can without the permanence.

While it’s true that Lumineers are reversible, applying them requires a bit more complexity than bonding does. Bonding is also a very affordable option for cosmetic improvements.

Using composite resin in shades that match your teeth or are lighter, we can create a more uniform and smooth appearance by hardening the resin with a special light.

Make your dream smile a reality!

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Office Amenities

We want your dental appointments to be free from anxiety from start to finish—from the moment you contact us to schedule to the moment you’re heading back to your busy life after your appointment. For your relaxation, we offer flat-screen TVs or music you can focus on while we work.


T.D.P. is our Dental Discount Plan. Ask us for details!

High Tech

Advanced technology offers more comfortable experiences and precise treatment planning. We utilize pain-free dental injections, intraoral cameras, and digital x-rays in our offices.

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