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Our efforts to improve health and spread smiles extend beyond our office!

At Today’s Family Dental, we believe each individual possesses unique abilities which allow them to make a positive impact, and we feel it’s incumbent upon us not just to give back to our community, but expand our endeavors as widely as possible. Giving what we can makes us feel more closely connected to our friends and neighbors, as well as families and populations that, despite being geographically distant, share so much in common with us. If you’ve got suggestions for more ways we can make a difference, we’re all ears. And, if you see us out and about at local events, we hope you’ll say hello!

Proud Sponsor of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital works to advance cures and prevention methods for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment, and the majority of their funding comes from individual contributions.

Terminal illnesses are tragic enough for children and their families to battle, so alleviating their worries about housing, travel, and treatment costs removes a tremendous weight from their shoulders.

Treatments developed at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to over 80%. We support them as they work to make that rate 100%.

Supporter of Wounded Warrior Project®

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was founded by veterans and friends who took action to help service men and women who incurred physical or mental injuries or illnesses after 9/11.

The WWP provides more than 20 programs and services to injured service members, as well as their families and caregivers, in addition to numerous valuable resources.

The mission of WWP is to honor and empower individuals who’ve made personal sacrifices on our behalf. We believe they deserve all the respect and assistance WWP can provide.

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Office Amenities

We want your dental appointments to be free from anxiety from start to finish—from the moment you contact us to schedule to the moment you’re heading back to your busy life after your appointment. For your relaxation, we offer flat-screen TVs or music you can focus on while we work.


T.D.P. is our Dental Discount Plan. Ask us for details!

High Tech

Advanced technology offers more comfortable experiences and precise treatment planning. We utilize pain-free dental injections, intraoral cameras, and digital x-rays in our offices.

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