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Knowledge is key for a healthy, happy smile!

Many people think of dentistry as it relates to the teeth and gums, but there’s so much more to it. For example, your mouth may be home to more than 700 different types of bacteria. The majority of these bacteria are either neutral or beneficial, but the dangerous types can travel and create trouble for your heart, brain, and other organs. Knowing how to fight the bad bacteria can help you hold onto your teeth for life, but also prevent systemic illness. This is one of many topics we explore in our blog, which we post to twice each month.

Office Amenities

We want your dental appointments to be free from anxiety from start to finish—from the moment you contact us to schedule to the moment you’re heading back to your busy life after your appointment. For your relaxation, we offer flat-screen TVs or music you can focus on while we work.


T.D.P. is our Dental Discount Plan. Ask us for details!

High Tech

Advanced technology offers more comfortable experiences and precise treatment planning. We utilize pain-free dental injections, intraoral cameras, and digital x-rays in our offices.

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